SOMATIC ENNEAGRAM™ Trainings with Marion Gilbert

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SOMATIC ENNEAGRAM™ Trainings with Marion Gilbert

Join Marion Gilbert Online via ZOOM for Modules 1, 2, and 3

Join Marion Gilbert In-person for Modules 4  and 5

Cost:  $400.00 | Save $50 with Early-bird Registration


Learn about the foundational elements and methods of Marion Gilbert’s Somatic Enneagram™ through personal and panel inquiry. In these Module practices, we learn to use our body’s intelligence to relax type structure and cultivate inner resources, allowing ourselves to return to a grounded and receptive way to experience a more open way to meet ourselves, others, and the world at large.

• Three-Centers Awareness

• Foundational Elements of Somatic Awareness

• Somatic Awareness Method

• Working with Type Structure

• Panels and Somatic Practices



Email our team for more information or questions or call us at: 1 (530) 955-0800.

RETREAT: Somatic Enneagram™ and Family Constellatons

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RETREAT: Somatic Enneagram™ and Family Constellatons


FIRST TIME EVER RETREAT! | “COMING HOME: Returning to Our Innate Belonging”

Date: FRI NOV 1 – WED NOV 6 2024

Time:  Check in FRI 2:00 p.m. | Concludes WED with lunch

Where: MERCY CENTER Burlingame, CA

Cost:  $1250.00 | $1150.00 Early-bird Rate through JUN 14, 2024

Presenters:  Marion Gilbert and Hemla Makan-Dullabh


Space is limited due to the nature of the program, sign-up early

For questions or more information, please contact us >>

This unique, first-ever offering is a collaboration between Marion Gilbert of Somatic Enneagram™ and Hemla Makan-Dullabh of 7 Rays Holistic Center.

RETREAT INTENTION: To develop our capacity for intuitive knowing, feeling, and sensing.

It is our human need to feel included and belong to our families, communities, and ourselves. The inward turn to innate belonging honors our basic human need to belong to the earth, life, and the life we were born to live — within ourselves and with each other.

By bringing our conscious intention and attention to ourselves — as we are and to each other as they are, we come to discover what obstructs our growth and development.

Through Somatic Inquiry and practices, this retreat offers a place to reflect and discover what has been hidden from us as a result of unconscious, automatic patterns. Using Family Constellations work, we can unveil the unknown, what was not included, and we can witness and experience what needs to be seen, heard, and included. 

Combining Somatic Inquiry and Family Constellations alongside the Enneagram map offers us a holistic approach to healing the deeper wounds — both ancestrally and within our own bodies.

This powerful combination allows us to open to a greater view of reality, promoting the integration of overwhelming impressions by supporting safe deconstruction and healing. 


  • Inner Practices to cultivate the Inner Observer, Grounded Presence, and Placement of Attention.
  • Interactive exercises for developing received knowing, feeling, and sensing.
  • Breakout groups for sharing conversation and experience.
  • Didactic Somatic Enneagram: understanding type structure and our defense system.
  • Didactic Family Constellations: understanding principles of constellation work.
  • Individual co-facilitated constellations for healing, with group participation.
  • Integration practices and movement.
  • Includes evening meditations and guided inner practices.
  • Includes labyrinth walks intending to highlight something that may be hidden in our shadow to receive new understanding and insight.

MEET HEMLA | Co-presenter with Marion Gilbert

Hemla is a Transformation Catalyst based in Los Altos, California. She founded  7 Rays Holistic Center more than 20 years ago. Her workshops and events focus on one simple statement. Awaken the power within! 

Hemla helps people engage with their inner healer using the 3-centered approach. We have 3 centers of intelligence and our journey is to engage with all 3 centers connecting with our body, mind, and heart. Hemla believes this can bring wholeness and wellness to our Human “Being”. Hemla works with groups and individuals who are at a crossroads in life, who are on a quest to understand their purpose, and who want to heal inherited (intergenerational) trauma. Epigenetically we hold the unhealed traumas of those who came before us, Family Constellations is a therapy that offers healing to inherited trauma.

Hemla is a certified teacher in The Narrative Enneagram and a Facilitator and teacher of Family Constellations Therapy. Hemla teaches a variety of modalities of therapy including meditation, she overlays her passion for Color Therapy, in all of the modalities she offers.

Hemla Founded 7 Rays Institute of Holistic Studies and offers certification programs in Family Constellations, Somatic Color Therapy, Awakening Your Intuition -The 3-Centered Approach, and other certifications.

Hemla was born in Durban, South Africa, and moved to California over 10 years ago. Her background is as an artist and a teacher. 


Somatic Enneagram™ in the U.K. 2024
Modules 4-5

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Modules 4-5

Somatic Enneagram™ in the U.K. 2024 Modules 4-5


MODULES 4 – 5   THURS MAY 16 – TUES MAY 21, 2024  |  hosted by Enneagram Alive




For questions or assistance, please contact event coordinator Heather Brown  via email or by phone at +44 1962 717697


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THE INWARD TURN | Deepening Our Inner Work

What:  4-day Inner Practices Retreat with Marion Gilbert

When:  Annually | See 2024 Locations and Dates

Eligibility:  Everyone welcome


CONTACT for Information >>


Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM  | MAY 30 – JUN 2



In this retreat, we practice together to loosen the grip of our type structure and learn to become more receptive to reality — reality as it actually is. 

As you may have experienced, after we know our Enneagram type, we have learned that our personality is designed with certain gifts, but it also limits our lens of perception. Our Enneagram type tends to filter our reality and narrows our view through a habitual placement of attention.

Practicing with our Inner Observer, we can follow our placement of attention, learn to ground and orient ourselves, while learning how  a more conscious and precise placement of attention will give us the freedom to actually witness and experience our not-on-automatic  “essential selves.”

Learn to use our mental, emotional, and somatic lenses of perception for three-centers integration and discern between ordinary and subtle perception.

In order to evolve, we need to be guided into a conscious descent in order to understand how we developed and formed our type structure. This is necessary before we can awaken to our essential selves, and ascend.

Join us for this extraordinary retreat that is designed to deepen our practices. those that wil allow us to free ourselves more readily and more consciously from on-automatic, highly conditioned, reactive behavior.

By practicing together, we are supporting our growth and strengthening our own capacities for inner work.

**Knowing your Enneagram type is a prerequisite.

Our beloved clients’ VIDEO REVIEWS after attending trainings and events with Marion Gilbert:





• Rates may vary due to the country in which the retreat is offered

• Installment plans apply.

Contact Somatic Enneagram for more information >>

Somatic Enneagram in Egypt | Modules 4-5

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Somatic Enneagram in Egypt | Modules 4-5


MODULE 4  DEC 4–5, 2024  |  hosted by Transcend Egypt | REGISTER TODAY >>

For questions or assistance, please contact event host Noha Abo El-Magd via email or by phone at:+2225171662



MODULE 5 DEC 6–9, 2024  |  hosted by Transcend Egypt | REGISTER TODAY >>

For questions or assistance, please contact event host Noha Abo El-Magd via email or by phone at:+2225171662

2024 – Felt-sense Aliveness Without Conflict

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2024 – Felt-sense Aliveness Without Conflict

“Radical inclusion of the conflict within creates inner peace.”


As we begin this new year, let’s begin remembering  we have the “free choice” to place our attention consciously. Paying attention to and becoming aware of the inner conflict living inside of us,  let’s understand that this conflict comes from a divisive world of either attraction and aversion, which serves our survival needs in a finite world and protect us from harm.

This creates a great divide between automatic attention being placed on what we are attracted to and what we are averted away from. The part of reality we need to avoid — based on perceived danger and possible harm — is activated by overwhelming sensations that flood our neurobiological system. After we survive,  that fear will stay in our nervous system as it originated by thoughts, much of which is based on the past, now perceived in the present, and then anticipated the future. These thoughts move rapidly through time.

This creates patterns of perceiving reality that are based on the contained overwhelm broadcasting the need to protect ourselves from a specific aspect of reality. The type’s bias is created by a division between what is perceived to be safe and what is perceived to be harmful. This then reinforces the inner conflict

By staying in the realm of sensation without following our thoughts, no perception will be created. By allowing pure sensations to be witnessed, allowed, and moved through us, we cam become greatly aware of our aliveness, yet felt without conflict. 

Abiding the field of awareness itself gives us enormous energy out of which Inner Peace and Compassionate Action arise naturally. 

— Marion Gilbert

What is Our Capacity?

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What is Our Capacity?

The “Capacity” for staying present to what is determines how integration can occur. Capacity is developed through witnessing the enactment of the third force of creation: The reconciling force.

The receptive force of creation (the first force), and reactive force of creation (the second force), are balanced and intrinsically connected by a third force of creation called the reconciling force.

Overall, we are receiving a multitude of impressions per millisecond, yet, we can only perceive a limited number of them in our conscious awareness. There is a hierarchy in the lenses of perception in the brain structure, determining which impressions are given priority. Fortunately, whoever or whatever created us knew what they were doing.

The first impression prioritized by the brain is the need for survival, the somatic or” felt sense” lens of perception is how the impression regarding our safety and state of well-being arrives in the subcortical aspect of our brain and the automatic reaction via the survival reflexes is generated. What this means is that these processes do not actually require our awareness, they are running in the background subconsciously or unconsciously, so to speak.

For instance, it doesn’t require conscious awareness to breathe, for our heart to beat, or for our bodies to regulate our moment-to-moment survival needs. The nervous system can only conduct a limited “charge” before our defense structure, including our adaptive strategies, comes into action, with the aim being to protect the integrity of our physical reality. Our defense structure walls off the charge and keeps it contained to a limited area within our bodies. This occurs in lieu of it being able to continue to run its course fully when it is perceived as overwhelming and as such, something that may short circuit the nervous system.


In Times of Crisis | What Is Possible?

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In Times of Crisis | What Is Possible?

Setting an Intention for the Somatic Enneagram Training Program

In times of crisis lies the opportunity for transformation and an opening to the unknown.

Inner Work in times of transition is invaluable as it allows us to reflect on and renew the perceptions we have relied upon in the past.

To be able to transition into a new way of understanding, we are required to look within at what is resistant to change.

By looking at ourselves through the Felt-sense Lens of Perception, Somatic Enneagram Awareness gives us a map and a method that brings a deeper understanding of what is driving our reactions and adaptive strategies.

To fully metabolize overwhelming experiences from our past, we need to learn how to prepare, approach, and “stay with” the overwhelming charge experienced in our bodies.

All impressions are received, processed, and perceived in the body. The physical body is where all experiences are taking place. So how is it then that we do not include somatic intelligence as we learn to respond to life instead of reacting automatically?

Great blessings lie ahead for those of us who know the secret to finding the opportunity in the midst of crisis.

Blessings in this New Year for All!

May we receive the invitation for transformation in times of crisis by mastering our reflexive drives.

Join me in setting our intentions for this New Year, while celebrating that we are living in rapidly changing times, waking us up to the invitation calling us to recognize the opportunity to be realized in times of crisis.

Let’s open our minds, hearts, and bodies to a larger view of this life we live and be present to the here-and-now on this beautiful planet to which we are connected.


The Body is the Resource…

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The Body is the Resource…

Everything created and manifested contains a blueprint of the primal source of all things. Deeply imbedded in all material substances is the origin and the energetic presence of the unmanifested, unconditioned reality.

How can it (the unconditioned reality) ever be separate and divided, when it is the very raw essence of all things?

Many spiritual disciplines have body-based practices to bring us back home from being attached to a conditioned reality of two opposites profoundly experienced as separate parts and opposing in nature to something much more subtle and profound, easily overlooked and that which takes us into our undivided nature. We say how can you be both? This makes logical sense to anyone who uses their ordinary mind, their mental processes. You are either good or bad, away or present, here or there, sick or healthy, old or young… From a space-time continuum, this is partially true, and beyond time and space reality this all collapses and becomes one into something different from the unifying as the two opposites. Our body has access to these direct experiences through our subtle centers, which are already fully coded with the experience of an unconditioned self. (more…)

RESILIENCE – Through Relaxing the Emotions in the Body

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RESILIENCE – Through Relaxing the Emotions in the Body

Listen to the LIVECAST WEBINAR RECORDING of Marion Gilbert and Transcend Egypt’s Islam Abokandil:


12:00 P.M. PDT


Join Marion Gilbert for a Somatic Enneagram™ Approach teaching. In this webinar, Marion will share:

  • What is resilience?
  • What is the relationship between emotions and our bodies?
  • Learn the Somatic Approach to relaxing the emotions in the body.

Marion has been practicing physical therapy since 1978 and is the owner of a well established physical therapy practice and movement studio in Grass Valley, CA. Marion certified with the Palmer-Daniels Narrative Enneagram Teacher Training in 2005, is a core faculty member with The Narrative Enneagram (TNE), and is a teacher and international presenter, focused on the Enneagram and Somatic Awareness.