What is Trauma?

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How to Work with Trauma

Working with individuals, in their bodies, it’s important to understand the mechanics of trauma resolution, as developed by Peter Levine. The goal is to assist people to ​​return ​​safely to a sense of well-being through consciously working with the capacities related to the self-regulation of the nervous system. It’s astounding that this principle works flawlessly with anyone willing to follow “the unpopular proposition to turn their attention to the pain within,” and use skillful means to access the aspect(s) of their ​​body that was at ease and okay. The titration ​​by shifting attention consciously allowed for a safe and manageable ​​discharge of the overwhelm in the nervous system. The miracle of energy following attention is amazing to watch and experience.​

​To use this same principle to work with the defense system and the ​​avoidance patterns of an individual’s Enneagram type ​​was a natural development.

Accessing our deepest fears — the ones that are holding us hostage, we can learn to release the deeply held tensions and defense mechanisms of the personality structure, the vice and the fixations.
Our natural state of well-being then returns and a renewed sense of grounded presence, vitality, and wellbeing follows. The natural arising of our personality’s higher virtues and Holy ideas — those found by studying the Enneagram system — can then be accessed, perceived, and experienced.