Awakening the Soma

The Place to Start

The Somatic Enneagram is the relaxation of the automatic reactivity elicited through a perceived reality based on past experience. We can choose our placement of attention and learn to extend presence and abide in the reality as it is. A well developed inner observer is a prerequisite.

Without the completion of the descent to the root through our lens of perception in the body center we will not be able to pacify our conditioned nature and allow it to return to the free flowing life force. We then will be caught in our self forgetting and stay asleep to the greater reality. The process of awakening and self remembering in nine different ways is a three centered process with three different lenses of perception: Mental, Emotional and Physical.

The Somatic or physical center is the most difficult to turn to based on its dependence on automatic, survival strategies. The turning our attention inward is the first turning towards awakening of the senses and this will build capacity for grounded presence in the present moment. This is the only moment we can experience ourselves and witness change or transformation.