The Body is the Resource…

Posted by on Apr 2, 2020

Everything created and manifested contains a blueprint of the primal source of all things. Deeply imbedded in all material substances is the origin and the energetic presence of the unmanifested, unconditioned reality.

How can it (the unconditioned reality) ever be separate and divided, when it is the very raw essence of all things?

Many spiritual disciplines have body-based practices to bring us back home from being attached to a conditioned reality of two opposites profoundly experienced as separate parts and opposing in nature to something much more subtle and profound, easily overlooked and that which takes us into our undivided nature. We say how can you be both? This makes logical sense to anyone who uses their ordinary mind, their mental processes. You are either good or bad, away or present, here or there, sick or healthy, old or young… From a space-time continuum, this is partially true, and beyond time and space reality this all collapses and becomes one into something different from the unifying as the two opposites. Our body has access to these direct experiences through our subtle centers, which are already fully coded with the experience of an unconditioned self.

G.I. Gurdjieff recognizes three centers of intelligence while other disciplines recognize more. The three centers are the head, heart, and belly center.
From an unconditional point of view, these centers are giving us access to direct knowing, feeling, and sensing. These I would call intrinsic resources.
You can cultivate and develop these centers as receptive centers for the direct experience. For that you need to be sufficiently empty and open to receive and experience the reality without its common filtering activity of the highly conditioned categories of perception.

Even in the highly conditioned reality of deeply organized mostly automatic, subcortical body processes, one can develop a relative sense of safety based on a more available and highly attuned physical platform. The human body is a conduit for internal and external experiences with its first focus placed on survival as a living, breathing organism. The way our human being experiences reality in space and time is a hierichical system with a limited capacity to conduct the charge through the nervous system and the glandular, visceral, and musculoskeletal system. It takes time to respond and there is a limited receptivity to the number of stimuli. So then, developing adaptive strategies will help us prioritize survival needs. Secondary and tertiary needs are being banked and therefore contained and then protected and hidden.

The only way these contained charges will be able to release in a safe way is to develop and access resources. Internal and external resources are always experienced in the body. It is not a resource unless you can feel your body self regulate and relax. This is measurable: breathing rhythm, heart rate, muscle tension, temperature, and skin sensations.

This gives the body the message that you are safe and you can relax and observe the life force, flowing freely. The temporary sense of well being is restorative, and healing, and it has the capacity to safely release contained charge and the protective bracing.

Internal resources are virtues and qualities of being that are inherent and developed over the time of your life that are life-giving; they return you back to wellbeing.

External resources are ways we can reach for and recognize what means us well and supports us. These are impulses and instincts also hardwired in our structure and the way we have been created, and they are representative of the basic goodness of all that is created.

Our bodies are so deeply intelligent, self-balancing, and correcting. It has a language intending to communicate and collaborate with its inhabitant, meaning “you.” Turning your attention inward is the first step to living inseparably with your embodied reality.

It is popular at this time to acknowledge the question:

Am I a human being having a spiritual experience or am I a spiritual being having a human experience?

In any case, our body is the vehicle for all experiences that we have, during our time on this earth. It was created by and is fully interconnected with the essence of all things.