Listen to Marion on The Drew Marshall Radio Show!

Marion was a guest speaker on The Drew Marshall Radio Show on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Marion was invited to share her expertise on “The Enneagram Hour” with spiritual seeker, Drew Marshall. Listen to the full interview here on this website.

Drew Marshall was adopted, grew up in a funeral home, survived a teenage suicide attempt, dropped out of school in Grade 9, ran away to California to be a wrangler, played semi-pro football with NFL/CFL tryouts, drove around North America volunteering for charities, tried to be a firefighter and a rodeo cowboy, was a stay at home dad, has worked a little in film and TV, became a Pastor in Australia and studied stand-up comedy & improv at Second City Toronto. Read More >>

These days he’s a hospital chaplain and hosts Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show. He’s interviewed hundreds of celebrities and cultural icons about their beliefs or lack thereof. Struggling with his own faith, Drew sacrificed his eyesight for the last week of Lent, paid non-believers to go to church, drank with witches, celebrated with Wiccans, visited with Satanists and walked 1000 KM’s on the Camino de Santiago during a three month vow of silence. Now he’s a “Red Letter,” wandering, autodidactic iconoclast with agnostic tendencies and a microphone!