2024 – Felt-sense Aliveness Without Conflict

Posted by on Jan 12, 2023

“Radical inclusion of the conflict within creates inner peace.”


As we begin this new year, let’s begin remembering  we have the “free choice” to place our attention consciously. Paying attention to and becoming aware of the inner conflict living inside of us,  let’s understand that this conflict comes from a divisive world of either attraction and aversion, which serves our survival needs in a finite world and protect us from harm.

This creates a great divide between automatic attention being placed on what we are attracted to and what we are averted away from. The part of reality we need to avoid — based on perceived danger and possible harm — is activated by overwhelming sensations that flood our neurobiological system. After we survive,  that fear will stay in our nervous system as it originated by thoughts, much of which is based on the past, now perceived in the present, and then anticipated the future. These thoughts move rapidly through time.

This creates patterns of perceiving reality that are based on the contained overwhelm broadcasting the need to protect ourselves from a specific aspect of reality. The type’s bias is created by a division between what is perceived to be safe and what is perceived to be harmful. This then reinforces the inner conflict

By staying in the realm of sensation without following our thoughts, no perception will be created. By allowing pure sensations to be witnessed, allowed, and moved through us, we cam become greatly aware of our aliveness, yet felt without conflict. 

Abiding the field of awareness itself gives us enormous energy out of which Inner Peace and Compassionate Action arise naturally. 

— Marion Gilbert