Somatic Intelligence

The Truth is in the Body

Somatic Intelligence is imbedded in our inherent physical nature. Our essence qualities are experienced in the body. Therefore it is necessary to understand its nature, its workings and the life force that fuels it.  We exist in a dualistic reality with a powerful, highly intelligent system called “the human body.” It knows itself and it communicates its knowing all the time. It is a conduit for and inseparable from the unconditioned reality.

Awakening to the messages being sent to us, from the body is what first, somatic awareness means, and secondly, what somatic awakening is about.

Conscious ​somatic participation is a necessary step toward full integration of all parts of ourselves, which leads to the potential for transformation in our lives as we know it. It allows access to the sub and unconscious aspects of our lives deeply stored in the cells. To turn the attention inward into the body is the way to a deeper knowing “the whole self.” Developing these capacities, is the expansion of our psycho-emotional-physical ability to recognize, allow, and return to the free-flowing life force without resisting the inner arising of the categories of perception. This is inevitably the key to spiritual states of being, emerging, manifesting, and stabilizing.

How do we increase capacity? How do we increase our ability stay present in the moment and grounded in our beings, with a compassionate heart and a receptive mind​.​ The Enneagram suggest a​ three-centered approach — intellectual, emotional, and physical — for​ ​integration​ ​of ​the conditioned and unconditioned aspect of our humanity​.​

This ​is dependent on the capacity to develop our inner observer and the ability to tame the mind ​and​ its continual thought-pattern movements​ and the ability to ​track our feelings and the sensations governed by the automatic patterns. At the root, these patterns are driven by the need to survive, which took precedence above and beyond our emotional need for connection, and our intellectual orientation to finding meaning and gather information and acquire knowledge. Therefore the higher aspects of brain are deeply informed by the survival strategies.

Working with somatic awareness practices and the Enneagram system in tandem provides a valuable set of tools for personal transformation.  The combination of the two provides a bridge for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realities. It can greatly assist us to relax the personality’s type structure and hence relax our various resistances to pain and discomfort, all the while developing our own connection to the somatic intelligence available to us. This provides a powerful opportunity to open ourselves to an undefended stance that is disidentified from the adaptive strategies of our Enneagram personality type and as a result, give us access to newfound levels of understanding, qualities of receptivity and to spiritual states.