Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 | Descriptions by Module


Who Would Benefit from the Somatic Enneagram™? 

>Somatic Enneagram™ is for anyone on the path of personal transformation. It’s also ideal for parents, as well as those working with others, including coaches, spiritual directors, mental health and physical therapists and practitioners, and educators.

What is the Focus of Somatic Enneagram?  Why Take These 5 Modules?

The Somatic Enneagram is not a “movement program,” or a “dance class, ” but rather, it’s the study of how a felt-sense awareness of our somatic (body) sensations puts us in touch with our deepest feelings — from joy and peace to defensiveness and reactivity — and is what we need to be in touch with in order to develop intrapersonally as a human being. It’s the process by which we can come to live with far more response-flexibility, peace, and well-being and far less emotional upheaval, distress, and discomfort.

Module 1 and all subsequent modules are for all of us interested in going beyond “understanding our Enneagram type” to actually working with our Enneagram type structure in order to decrease the way we suffer our cognitive-emotional patterns of defense and reactivity (getting angry, acting out, withdrawing, shutting down, etc.) These five modules are designed to help us achieve real and lasting intrapersonal shifts and sustainable developmental transformation. 

To ensure you get the most of the training, module by module, we are recommending and requesting that registrants of the Somatic Enneagram modules come with the knowledge of their own Enneagram type and a basic familiarity with all nine types of the Enneagram system. 

“To be with the triggers of our type without becoming reactive is the promise of this work.” — Marion Gilbert

Module 1 | Basic Introduction to Somatic Awareness Method and Practice

In Module 1, we will learn the Foundational Elements — what is Grounded Presence, Inner Observer cultivation, and Placement of Attention practice — and the basics of the Somatic Enneagram Method through lecture, discussion, and the observation of type panels’ demonstrations. In this module, we learn to use our body intelligence to relax type structure and cultivate inner resources, allowing us to return to a grounded and receptive way to experience ourselves, and meet ourselves, others, and the world at large more openly. Read Course Summary and Objectives >>

Module 2 | A Somatic Approach to the Defense System of the Enneagram

Learn to use somatic intelligence to recognize our automatic defense mechanism and the adaptive strategies of our type. This learning gives us greater freedom and choice in how we respond and react to life’s circumstances. Understanding what is driving our reactions and behaviors, and being able to contact them at the point of arising, is the foundation of this workshop. Our neurobiology is a hierarchical system and is designed to respond to prioritized needs first, which determines the automatic reactivity we seem to repeat over and over again until we build enough capacity, using “felt sense” awareness, to access the non-defended, available resources within. Read Course Summary and Objectives >>

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Module 3 | The Enneagram: Experiencing Essence & the Survival Strategies of Type

Learn to use a somatic approach to distinguish personality from the experience of essence (Enneagram of Harmony), using the Categories of Perception of each Enneagram type (Enneagram of Process). Gain an understanding of the interfacing of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven in order to work with accessing the deeper wisdom of the Enneagram. This gives us an appreciation for and a connection with inherent wisdom qualities on the energetic plane. Develop the capacity to reawaken the intrinsic resources needed to metabolize deeper-rooted, conditioned patterns of automatic behavior, which are based on how we learned to survive in the beginning of our lives. Read Course Summary and Objectives >> 

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Module 4 |  Somatic Awareness Practice to Develop Skillful Means (2 days)

This module is method and practice in order to develop the skills needed to first recognize then relax the obstacles to our type structure’s reactivity — from a somatic point of view.
Working in triads, students are asked to practice the Somatic Inquiry Method to identify the client’s as well as one’s own non-verbal signals, including learning to listen to the language used by the client and to commit to using their specific language with attunement in the facilitation process. This module teaches us to implement the Somatic Awareness Practice — the Foundational Elements, and the Somatic Awareness Method — and focuses on how to facilitate the transformation process with one’s self and with others too.


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Module 5 | Enneagram of Transformation (4 days)

This module focuses on a three-centers approach to moving around the Enneagram symbol, both counter clockwise and clockwise for one’s own deepening development. Here we experience how our type structure was formed as we traverse the symbol counter clockwise, coming to realize that there is more to life than the structural way we’ve come to live with ourselves. Here we are invited to challenge ourselves and gain deeper understandings.
At this point, we begin the renewal of our development as we traverse the symbol in a clockwise direction and explore conscious transformation at the Shock Points at 3, 6, and 9, and finally, the journey between types 8 and 9. 
This module’s objective is to guide ourselves into receiving the facilitation and support needed to gain the capacity to choose a different, less-conditioned way of responding than our automatic, habituated reactions and behaviors, according to our type. This is possible thanks to the awareness cultivated of the somatic underpinnings of these patterns, which can be realized by learning about and experiencing ourselves through each of the Shock Points.


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