RETREAT: Somatic Enneagram™ and Family Constellatons

Posted by on Dec 28, 2023

FIRST TIME EVER RETREAT! | “COMING HOME: Returning to Our Innate Belonging”

Date:  FRI NOV 1 – WED NOV 6 2024

Time:  Check in FRI 2:00 p.m. | Concludes WED with Lunch

Where: MERCY CENTER Burlingame, CA, USA

Tuition Cost:  $1250.00 | $1150.00 Early-bird Rate through JUN 30, 2024

Presenters:  Marion Gilbert and Hemla Makan-Dullabh


Mercy Center Accommodations$975.00 (from dinner Friday night Nov. 1 to Lunch Wed Nov. 6)
Note: It is highly recommended to stay onsite with the entire group as it enhances group coherency and the development of supportive camaraderie. We also have the meditation room reserved for our group every morning before program start and every evening after dinner. It’s going to be an incredible group experience.

Commuter Rates Available (Options and details available on the registration form)

Space is uniquely limited due to the nature of the program (each person gets their own constellation) , so sign-up early | For questions or more information, please contact us >>

This unique, first-ever offering is a collaboration between Marion Gilbert of Somatic Enneagram™ and Hemla Makan-Dullabh of 7 Rays Holistic Center.

RETREAT INTENTION: To develop our capacity for intuitive knowing, feeling, and sensing.

It is our human need to feel included and belong to our families, communities, and ourselves. The inward turn to innate belonging honors our basic human need to belong to the earth, life, and the life we were born to live — within ourselves and with each other.

By bringing our conscious intention and attention to ourselves — as we are and to each other as they are, we come to discover what obstructs our growth and development.

Through Somatic Inquiry and practices, this retreat offers a place to reflect and discover what has been hidden from us as a result of unconscious, automatic patterns. Using Family Constellations work, we can unveil the unknown, what was not included, and we can witness and experience what needs to be seen, heard, and included. 

Combining Somatic Inquiry and Family Constellations alongside the Enneagram map offers us a holistic approach to healing the deeper wounds — both ancestrally and within our own bodies.

This powerful combination allows us to open to a greater view of reality, promoting the integration of overwhelming impressions by supporting safe deconstruction and healing. 


  • Inner Practices to cultivate the Inner Observer, Grounded Presence, and Placement of Attention.
  • Interactive exercises for developing received knowing, feeling, and sensing.
  • Breakout groups for sharing conversation and experience.
  • Didactic Somatic Enneagram: understanding type structure and our defense system.
  • Didactic Family Constellations: understanding principles of constellation work.
  • Individual co-facilitated constellations for healing, with group participation.
  • Integration practices and movement.
  • Includes evening meditations and guided inner practices.
  • Includes labyrinth walks intending to highlight something that may be hidden in our shadow to receive new understanding and insight.

MEET HEMLA | Co-presenter with Marion Gilbert

Hemla is a Transformation Catalyst based in Los Altos, California. She founded  7 Rays Holistic Center more than 20 years ago. Her workshops and events focus on one simple statement. Awaken the power within! 

Hemla helps people engage with their inner healer using the 3-centered approach. We have 3 centers of intelligence and our journey is to engage with all 3 centers connecting with our body, mind, and heart. Hemla believes this can bring wholeness and wellness to our Human “Being”. Hemla works with groups and individuals who are at a crossroads in life, who are on a quest to understand their purpose, and who want to heal inherited (intergenerational) trauma. Epigenetically we hold the unhealed traumas of those who came before us, Family Constellations is a therapy that offers healing to inherited trauma.

Hemla is a certified teacher in The Narrative Enneagram and a Facilitator and teacher of Family Constellations Therapy. Hemla teaches a variety of modalities of therapy including meditation, she overlays her passion for Color Therapy, in all of the modalities she offers.

Hemla Founded 7 Rays Institute of Holistic Studies and offers certification programs in Family Constellations, Somatic Color Therapy, Awakening Your Intuition -The 3-Centered Approach, and other certifications.

Hemla was born in Durban, South Africa, and moved to California over 10 years ago. Her background is as an artist and a teacher.