Learn About the Somatic Enneagram™ Training Programs

The Somatic Enneagram™ is the missing piece to traditional Enneagram study and the crucible for deep personal transformation.

The Somatic Enneagram™ Training and Certification Program is an in-depth, five-modules program coupled with coaching and mentorship that trains individuals how to work comprehensively and transformatively with the nine personality structures of the Enneagram system and one’s own and others’ particular somatic reactivity, sensate awareness, and felt-sense intelligence. Studying the Enneagram system theoretically is where we all begin. Uncovering essence, though, requires recognition and deconstruction of the obscurations created by our identification of our Enneagram type, which is only a partial view of the reality available to us.

The root of our patterns arises from our somatic type structure, which is in charge of our survival and well-being. The arising creates cognitive, emotional, and somatic distress whenever danger is present or perceived.  However, with an inward turn of attention, we can metabolize our type’s reactivity at the root of the arising of these patterns, giving us the freedom to choose a more conscious, non-habituated response and become present and receptive to a greater reality, with greater choice and response-flexibility.



Specific competencies attained across the training program and the follow-on mentoring program will be evaluated in order to receive certification as a Somatic Enneagram Certified Facilitator.

What is the Somatic Enneagram™ and a Somatic Awareness Practice?

So often we are not able to change the way we react and find ourselves repeating behaviors that are not giving us internal fulfillment nor contribute to creating lasting relationships. The promise of the Enneagram is that we can recognize patterns of behavior in ourselves and with others according to nine differently organized perspectives. This can help us have a greater understanding and compassion for the different ways we think, feel, and sense our lives. As we have added the somatic (Soma means “body” in Greek) aspect to the cognitive-emotional map, transformation can take place through integration of the three centers of intelligence, as they’re called: Head, Heart and Body.

At the heart of our work with the Enneagram is the process of increasing awareness of ourselves — how and why we react as we do and where this is experienced. A critical part of that awareness is the “felt sense” of ourselves in our body. We are often able to obscure our reactivity and deceive ourselves by following our highly conditioned cognitive-emotional patterns. By listening to the body, we can access these operating patterns at their roots. This enables us to free ourselves from automatically following these impulses and reenacting our type patterns, over and over again.

Marion teaches how to skillfully use the Somatic Awareness Method and Practice. This method and practice strengthens our capacity to stay present longer with the uncomfortable sensations of the highly defended aspect of our type structures. Staying present longer is desired in order to free the life force contained within the uncomfortable sensations. Ultimately, this leads to a more peaceful and resourceful state of being with greater resilience, restoring balance and a grounded platform within that allows for receptivity, at which point we can experience our lives from present-moment awareness. The relationship within reflects the relationship we have without.

Once we have gained the capacity to open ourselves to our lives, we become more able to experience a greater connection with our original state, that of who we are meant to be, including open mindedness, openheartedness, and compassion, plus, we are grounded in our physical presence and fully in touch with the free-flowing life force that sustains us and connects us with spirit.


Prerequisites To Participate in the Somatic Enneagram™ Foundational Training Program (and Certification)

  • This is a sequential program, from Module 1–5, and it is not a beginner’s program.  Good self-awareness and sufficient knowledge of your own correct Enneagram type is necessary.

  • A sufficient, basic understanding of all nine types of the Enneagram system is recommended.

  • This program is for those who want to dive more personally and deeply into their own growth and learning, as well as for those who want to pursue certification for professional application.

  • The program calls for a commitment to personal and professional growth and the desire to deepen understandings of the obstacles to self-observation, the occurrence of automatic patterns of behavior, the somatic defense system, and the reactivity associated with one’s own type.

  • This program calls for a commitment to an inner practice and its significance for creating the capacity to relax type structure.

  • Participants are asked to be willing to take full responsibility for one’s psychological health and physical well-being and to have the wisdom to seek professional support as needed. Participants also know when to send one’s clients to seek support from additional coaches, consultants, and/or counselors as is needed.

For those who want to continue on and certify as a Somatic Enneagram 1:1 Facilitator:

    • Enneagram certification by an accredited Enneagram school, or equivalent, is requested and required.
    • Experience working with others, including coaches, counselors, therapists, teachers, medical professionals, spiritual directors, social workers, clinicians, or other related practitioners.

To learn about the trainings, our competency program for certification, and how you can take part, or if you would like to host a training or certification program for your community, contact our team via email or call: 1 530 955 0800.

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