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LEARN ABOUT the INWARD TURN Retreat as Heather Brown interviews Marion Gilbert, with student guest, Zoe Stoker.

THE INWARD TURN | Deepening Our Inner Work

What:  4-day Inner Practices Retreat with Marion Gilbert

When:  Annually | See below for 2024 Locations and Dates

Eligibility:  Everyone welcome


In this retreat, we practice together to loosen the grip of our type structure and learn to become more receptive to reality — reality as it actually is. 

As you may have experienced, after we know our Enneagram type, we have learned that our personality is designed with certain gifts, but it also limits our lens of perception. Our Enneagram type tends to filter our reality and narrows our view through a habitual placement of attention.

Practicing with our Inner Observer, we can follow our placement of attention, learn to ground and orient ourselves, while learning how  a more conscious and precise placement of attention will give us the freedom to actually witness and experience our not-on-automatic  “essential selves.”

Learn to use our mental, emotional, and somatic lenses of perception for three-centers integration and discern between ordinary and subtle perception.

In order to evolve, we need to be guided into a conscious descent in order to understand how we developed and formed our type structure. This is necessary before we can awaken to our essential selves, and ascend.

Join us for this extraordinary retreat that is designed to deepen our practices. those that wil allow us to free ourselves more readily and more consciously from on-automatic, highly conditioned, reactive behavior.

By practicing together, we are supporting our growth and strengthening our own capacities for inner work.

**Knowing your Enneagram type is a prerequisite.

Our beloved clients’ VIDEO REVIEWS after attending trainings and events with Marion Gilbert:





• Rates may vary due to the country in which the retreat is offered

• Installment plans apply.

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