What is Our Capacity?

Posted by on Dec 4, 2016

“Capacity” determines how integration can occur through the enactment of the reconciling force.

The reactive and receptive force is balanced by a third force, called the reconciling force.

Overall, we are receiving a multitude of impulses per millisecond, yet, we can only perceive a limited number of them in our conscious awareness. Fortunately, whoever or whatever created us knew what they were doing. Most of our life, receiving input and giving output is organized sub-cortically. What this means is that these processes do not actually require our awareness, they are running in the background, so to speak.

For instance, it doesn’t require conscious awareness to breathe, for our heart to beat, or for our bodies to regulate our survival needs. However at the same time, the nervous system can only conduct a certain “charge” before our defense structure, including our adaptive strategies, comes into action in order to protect the integrity of our physical reality. Our defense structures wall off the charge and keep it contained to a limited area within our bodies in lieu of it being able to continue to run its course fully.

This is a highly intelligent organizational system, but at the same time, it comes with a cost. Our bodies will actually contain this charge until our conscious attention is placed on the tightness or tension that can be found someplace in the body.  We can then place our attention on the contained charge, and consciously experience it. When overwhelm or hyper-arousal is experienced in the body and our defense system wants to come in to “boot” us out, and the familiar automatic adaptive strategy once again is enlisted to take our attention away, we can then instead choose to place our attention skillfully from placement on the contained charge to a place that is open and free, a resourced place.

Then, the nervous system responds with a calming of the alarm and settles. In this way, a greater capacity has been created in the nervous system to choose a second turning to the highly charged, contained area, which makes it possible to allow the charge to be discharged safely and a return to the free-flowing life force ensues.  This is the process of increasing our capacity, of freeing, if you will, bottled-up life-force charge that has been held hostage and not available to us.

How Much Presence Can We Tolerate?
The increased capacity of the receptive force is able to meet the greatly charged area, the balancing, reconciling force enactment can now allow us to become more present to reality in a given moment, more sustainingly present.  Building our capacity is what leads to more and more emotional flexibility.