When a Life Experience is Not Metabolized…

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015

Any life experience too overwhelming for the capacity in our nervous system will be responded to by containing the charge and walling this charge off from affecting the nervous system as a whole, as a way of preventing it from short circuiting. This is a highly intelligent response, prioritizing survival needs in relationship to secondary needs. We need to survive first before we can reflect and inquire into our lives.

By the time we are adults, many undercover energy pockets have been created in our physical bodies. Even though these can go for a long time unnoticed. These will eventually come to the surface when the cost to maintain them becomes greater, as the pattern requires more and more energy to sustain themselves. Especially over time, when the pattern continues to get reinforced by subsequent experiences. An accumulative effect that adds to the contained charge resulting in each life experience being only partially processed.

These formations can disturb the neuro-biological processes and cause physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction and eventually can lead to illness. To fully metabolize these contained, overwhelm pockets one must first know that these pockets are there.

Once you know the energy pocket exists, we have a choice to go there where the tightness, pain, discomfort or anxiety is located. Then one can apply sound method for reconciling the inner workings of these energy-pocket patterns, so we can safely release these pockets of “held overwhelm.”

The method is to understand that your being is suffering from an obstructed life force and that this can cause disease, chronic medical conditions, and imbalance.

Freeing the life force held hostage for the sake of survival and therefore a “held charge” in the body with physical, emotional, and mental aspects, fueling our core belief systems, provides the most powerful opportunity to return to health, well-being, and greater receptivity.

This platform has access to a real choice to participate in a voluntary descent into the body, often described as a necessary step in many spiritual processes.

Sometimes, this is referred to as voluntary suffering. The most profound choice you can make — once you understand how your body has been calling you to that part of you that is needing you the most — is to turn towards it with compassionate attention and receptivity, and ask it what it needs.

We more likely have been treating this part of us as a nuiscance, wanting to control it, or get rid of it. In the long run, the rejecting, overpowering, and abandoning these uncomfortable places are now internalized treatment, mimicking the origin of the life experience that caused the need to pocket this overwhelm and separate from it to begin with.

The tragedy of this dynamic is that we are so asleep to this unsustainable situation. The good news is that once you understand this dynamic. you have a choice to turn towards yourself and then release and integrate this essential, separated part of you.

The life force is then experiencing less and less resistance and is freer to express itself through you, as you become more and more whole, more receptive, and come into your own full expression of you.