In Times of Crisis | What Is Possible?

Posted by on Aug 12, 2022

Setting an Intention for the Somatic Enneagram Training Program

In times of crisis lies the opportunity for transformation and an opening to the unknown.

Inner Work in times of transition is invaluable as it allows us to reflect on and renew the perceptions we have relied upon in the past.

To be able to transition into a new way of understanding, we are required to look within at what is resistant to change.

By looking at ourselves through the Felt-sense Lens of Perception, Somatic Enneagram Awareness gives us a map and a method that brings a deeper understanding of what is driving our reactions and adaptive strategies.

To fully metabolize overwhelming experiences from our past, we need to learn how to prepare, approach, and “stay with” the overwhelming charge experienced in our bodies.

All impressions are received, processed, and perceived in the body. The physical body is where all experiences are taking place. So how is it then that we do not include somatic intelligence as we learn to respond to life instead of reacting automatically?

Great blessings lie ahead for those of us who know the secret to finding the opportunity in the midst of crisis.

Blessings in this New Year for All!

May we receive the invitation for transformation in times of crisis by mastering our reflexive drives.

Join me in setting our intentions for this New Year, while celebrating that we are living in rapidly changing times, waking us up to the invitation calling us to recognize the opportunity to be realized in times of crisis.

Let’s open our minds, hearts, and bodies to a larger view of this life we live and be present to the here-and-now on this beautiful planet to which we are connected.