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4-day Certification in Cairo, Egypt


January 16th – 24th

 Module 1 – 16th and 17th of January

Module 2 – 18th and 19th of January

Module 3 – 21st and 22nd of January

Module 4 – 23rd and 24th of January

Marion Gilbert

MODULE 1 | Basic Introduction to Somatic Awareness Practice Learn about the foundational elements and methods of the somatic enneagram through personal and panel inquiry. You will learn to use your body intelligence to relax type structure and cultivate inner resources.

MODULE 2 | A Somatic Approach to the Defense System of the Enneagram Learn to use somatic intelligence to recognize our automatic defense mechanism and the adaptive strategies of our type. This will give you greater freedom and choice in how you respond and react to your life circumstances.

MODULE 3 | The Enneagram: Experiencing Essence & the Survival Strategies of Type A somatic approach to distinguish the experience of essence  (Enneagram of Harmony) from the categories of perception of enneagram type (Enneagram of Process). Understanding the interfacing of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven.

MODULE | Body Approach and Transformation Paths See how each type is built in nine steps, panel sharing on the nine-forms of construction of the structure of each profile. Use this process to help someone become aware of its conditioned structure and learn how to accompany someone to set up new resources and to release certain somatic blockages.

MODULE 5 | Enneagram of Transformation A three-centers approach to move around the circle counter-clockwise and clockwise. We will experience how we developed and formed our type through the counter-clockwise movement.

For more inquires about the certification requirements and process please contact >> transcendegypt@gmail.com or call 00201000036546 | https://www.facebook.com/transcendegypt/


Cairo, Egypt | February 7– 9, 2020

Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & SPA


Marion Gilbert, a special guest speaker and featured panelist, will present:

Enneagram and the Path of Inner Reflection: An Integrative Approach of Three Centered Awareness”

Can we stay present to all that life brings to us? Are we awake to the capacity of Love and Compassion within us? Is there a willingness to turn towards what is painful? How do we respond to our automatic patterns of relating based on the need for our survival?

The Enneagram helps us recognize the spiritual/cognitive/emotional and now somatic map. In this presentation, the Somatic Awareness Practice, will show us how we can access the automatic unconscious patterns driving our type structure. It also will show how to work skillfully and compassionately with reactivity arising in nine different ways from a three centers perspective. This will return us to a state of receptivity to ourselves and others and the world at large.

In this session, I will use didactive, interactive and experiential method through music and movement allowing you to come to a deeper understanding of the Three Centered Awareness by reflecting on and experiencing the Somatic aspect of our Enneagram type patterns.