The Enneagram Prison Project

It’s exciting seeing the Enneagram’s application broaden these past years, and one of the newest applications has been the inception of Enneagram Prison Project (EPP), which shows us the importance of support for the awakening of those in prison, through studying the Enneagram. Read More >>

It’s my goal, as a contributing member of EPP to bring forth the somatic aspect of the self-awakening work to the people who need it, and include how to relate to amd work with their instinctual drives. This is an important aspect of coming to understand ourselves and to create the tools we need to work with difficult life situations when the incarcerated are on the inside and when released from prison and need to integrate into the outside world.

“We are all in a prison of our own making, in the way that we suffer our personalities.” — Susan Olesek

This quote resonates so deeply with me and is one that truly speaks to our need to free ourselves internally, whether we find ourselves behind bars, or not.