IN-PERSON MODULES 1, 2, 3 in the U.K. | MAY 2023

Posted by on Sep 19, 2022

Somatic Enneagram in the U.K. with Marion Gilbert



Many of you will know about Marion Gilbert’s ground-breaking training on Somatic Awareness and the Enneagram.  This training has been developed to provide distinctively deepening awareness of how we hold type patterns in the body and how to build the capacity to release them. It’s the missing piece to help us get unstuck when our reactivity and defense system fight back.

Marion says:

“Working with the architecture of capacity and compassion,” as I call it, is the understanding of the inborn, the inherent wiring and the conditioned wiring — architectures — that reside within us. They are all resources.  We are wired to experience our own capacity. Whether hugely resourceful and abundant, or limited and shut down. Our capacity “is the experience of self.”  Day in and day out. My work takes us through three centers of awareness and resourcing — the mind, heart, and body, a triadic approach to mapping the who and the what of how we were initially designed and then conditioned. Somatic Awakening is the conscious feeling, sensing, and engaging with what’s coming up from our bodies, from the deepest parts of self, and “awakening” to it. Only when we are “awake” can we accept, understand, and transform.”

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Enneagram Training is very excited to bring Marion and this transformative training to the UK in 2023. Marion will run Modules 1-3 at Hillscourt in Birmingham on 9-14 May 2023. Click here for details of each module’s content >>  The first three Modules can be taken without committing to certification and will give you profound techniques for working with your own type structure — and helping others to work with theirs.

For more details on the program, to enroll, or to add your name to be kept informed as costs are finalized, please contact Heather Brown via email.

Contact by phone:  +44 1962 717697

Hold the dates, watch this space, and keep in touch!