Certification Program

Somatic Awareness Certification Program

by Marion Gilbert, R.P.T.

The Somatic Awareness Certification Program is an in-depth, five modules training program coupled with coaching and mentorship that trains individuals how to work comprehensively with the nine personality structures of the Enneagram system and one’s own and other’s particular somatic reactivity, sensate awareness, and felt-sense intelligences.

Specific competencies attained across the training program will be evaluated in order to receive certification.

What is Somatic Awareness Practice?

So often we are not able to change the way we react and find ourselves repeating behaviors that are not giving us internal fulfillment nor contribute to creating lasting relationships. The promise of the Enneagram is that we can recognize patterns of behavior in ourselves and with others according to nine different views. This can help us have a greater understanding and compassion for the different ways we think, feel and sense. As we have added the Somatic (Soma means “body” in Greek) aspect of the cognitive emotional map transformation can take place through integration the three centers: Head, Heart and Body.

At the heart of our work with the Enneagram is the process of increasing awareness of ourselves— how and why we react as we do and where this is experienced. A critical part of that awareness is the “felt sense” in the body. We may be able to obscure and deceive ourselves by following our highly conditioned cognitive-emotional patterns. By listening to the body we can access these operating patterns at their roots. This enables us to free ourselves from automatically following these impulses and re-enacting our type patterns.

Marion teaches how to skillfully use the Somatic Awareness Practice. This practice strengthens our capacity to stay present longer with the uncomfortable sensation of the highly defended aspect of our type structures in order to free the life force contained within it. Ultimately this leads to a more peaceful and resourceful state of being with greater resilience and restore and balanced, grounded platform of receptivity in which we can experience our lives from present moment awareness. The relationship within reflects the relationship we have without. When we have capacity to open ourselves to our lives we can experience a greater connection with our original state of who we are meant to be: open minded, open hearted and compassionate plus grounded in our physical presence fully in touch with the free flowing life force sustaining us connecting us with spirit.

Prerequisites To Participate in the Somatic Awareness Certification Program

  • Sufficient basic understanding of Enneagram knowledge of types
  • Module I or II EPTP, Full EPTP certification or sufficient training with a certified trainer upon request
  • Good self-awareness and knowledge of your own correct type
  • Committing to personal and professional growth deepening of understanding obstacles to self-observation, automatic patterns of behavior, somatic defense system and reactivity
  • Taking full responsibility for our psychological health and physical wellbeing. And having the wisdom to seek professional support as needed.

Five Training Modules

Module 1 | Basic Introduction to Somatic Awareness Practice

Learn about the foundational elements and methods of the somatic enneagram through personal and panel inquiry. In this practice, you will learn to use your body intelligence to relax type structure and cultivate inner resources allowing you to return to a grounded and receptive way to experience a more open way to meet yourself, others and the world at large.

Module 2 | A Somatic Approach to the Defense System of the Enneagram

Learn to use somatic intelligence to recognize our automatic defense mechanism and the adaptive strategies of our type. This will give you greater freedom and choice in how you respond and react to your life circumstances. Understanding what is driving your reactions and behavior and being able to contact them at the point of arising is what this workshop will focus on. Our neurobiology is an hierarchical system and is designed to respond to first needs first determines the automatic reactivity we seem to repeat until we build capacity of “felt sense” awareness and building of resources.

Module 3 | The Enneagram: Experiencing Essence & the Survival Strategies of Type

A somatic approach to distinguish the experience of essence (Enneagram of Harmony) from the categories of perception of enneagram type (Enneagram of Process). Understanding the interfacing of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven. Working with accessing the deeper wisdom of the Enneagram will give you appreciation and a connection with inherent wisdom qualities. These are on the energetic plane building stones of reawakening intrinsic resources needed to metabolize deeper rooted conditioned patterns of automatic behavior based on how we learned to survive in the beginning of our lives.

Module 4 | Enneagram of Transformation

A three-centers approach to move around the circle counter clockwise and clockwise. We will experience how we developed and formed our type through the counter clockwise movement. When we realized that there is more to the life we live and decided to look for a deeper understanding. Then we will begin the renewal of our development in the clockwise direction and explore the invitation of conscious transformation at the shock points point 9, 3, 6 and finally between 8 and 9. To guide people into facilitation and support for being able to choose a different, less conditioned way of responding than the automatic behavior according to the type is possible with the awareness of the somatic underpinnings of these patterns at the shock points.

Module 5 | Certification Mentoring Program

A training consisting of practicing and developing the skill level required to recognize the obstacles to relaxing our type structure with its reactivity from a somatic pint of view. Completion of having worked with the supervision of a mentor is required. Each participant will complete two panel facilitations demonstrating the Somatic Awareness skills and ten one-to-one sessions with clients. These twelve sessions will be evaluated and discussed with video presentations of the sessions.

Final aspect of the training: A written and practical proficiency test after completion of the four modules to conclude this training into certification of the Somatic Enneagram Practice.

To learn about this certification program, how you can take part, or host a certification program in your city/country, contact Marion Gilbert via email or call: 1 530 955 0800.