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This website has been created by
 << chaeldion group Intl >>. Suzanne Dion is the creative force and brain behind the scenes who has taken me through an intensive process of questions in need of deep reflection as they were designed to locate where I stand and where I am guided to go in the Somatic Awakening world. Read More >>

She has skillfully guided me into an inquiry and personal reflection of the greater work of awakening, involving the Enneagram; she is herself an Enneagram teacher in the Narrative Tradition.

The Enneagram has given me the invitation and the connection with a public keenly interested in human development and turning towards their essential being, that which is inseparably connected with spirit. It has given me a map and a system full of wisdom. It was clear to me from the beginning that there was an element underdeveloped and not completed in the Enneagram’s study. The Body Center and its underlying patterns and workings was not present at the time I started to study the Enneagram. The part that was available was the mentioning of the three instincts with their subtype behavior, which is a very valuable part of the variations of Enneagram type expression.

This somatic process is meant to complete the map of the three centers and its relationship to the instinctual wiring and the wisdom needed to understand how we were created — designed — to be related to our three centers and the nine different ways these patterns emerge.

My deep gratitude to Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD for starting the Narrative Tradition and bringing this wisdom into the world through the process of self-discovery and inquiry. Peter O’Hanrahan, who was my first Enneagram teacher and colleague, and Terry Saracino for encouraging and supporting me to bring the somatic awareness to the Enneagram — I thank you both. Terry also has been my co-facilitator in this aspect of the work and we are currently teaching together in many Somatic Awareness Workshops and Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT) trainings.